Focus sur « Tisane » un projet de l’Espace Gacha, avec la Fondation Antenna

01 January - 31 December 2018

Developing skills is at the heart of the Gacha Cultural Space project.

In collaboration with the Antenna Scientific Foundation, the Gacha Cultural Space sets up the project « Tisane ». The objective is to develop a responsible product, highlighting the medicinal potential of plants grown in the botanical garden of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation. 


Benjamin Campaore is the head of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation laboratory in which the Tisane project is developed.


The Gacha Cultural Space in France is the place and the main actor of diffusion of these results, valuing at the same time the inheritance of the oral flora while giving to the surrounding populations, the possibility of being treated with a natural medicine and connected the traditions.


Working meeting during a visit of part of the Swiss Foundation Antenna team, on the Foundation’s, in October 2018.

Hibiscus flower, one of the plants grown in the garden of the Foundation, in the hands of Benjamin Compaore.