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HEAD : sharing knowledge - HEART : Developing skills - HAND: encouraging know-how



HEAD : sharing knowledge



The Space defines frames programs in order to share the knowledge and the promotion of traditional cultures.


In 2018, we launch our podcast  « Perles d’Afrique » and give access to eclectic interviews of professionals, enthusiasts, amateurs, anonymous … in connection with cultural events or subject that is dear to us ans always connected to traditional cultures 





In 2018, two projects have been at the heart of our international operations.



Construction of the Manoré’s Kindergarten


Thanks to the support of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation, Manoré already has a primary school and the commitment of a director who provides all the courses.


The Gacha Cultural Space finances the creation of the Manore’s Kindergarten in Cameroon, located in a relatively isolated area where educational structures are lacking. The Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation is the project manager of this infrastructure and ensures the link with the population for the proper appropriation of this new equipment.


The investment of the Gacha Cultural Space  should allow to build a new building for kindergartens who until now used to gather the shade of a tree to receive their courses.

September 2018, it was in a brand new building built for them that the kindergarten students of Manoré were able to return to school. The inauguration was attended by the families ans the team of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation and Gacha Cultural Space.   





Training residency in a documentary cinema


The Gacha Cultural Space alongside the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation is hosting a two-month artistic residency in Bangoulap, in Cameroon with focus on intercultural awareness developed by filmmaker Jean-Marie Teno and six young Cameroonians. This second edition of a documentary film training workshop under the theme « Patrimoine et Histoire Coloniale », is held from the 23 rd of September to the 17 th of November, 2018.


Gacha Cultural Space works with Goethe Institute of Cameroon, International Organization of Francophonie, Raphia Films and of course Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation. One of the aims is the training of young Cameroonians at documentary cinema in order for them to mobilize these skills for the preservation of their heritage et more widely in the context of audiovisual projects on human and societal issues that concern them.




2018 promotion of Jean-Marie Teno trainees, at work at the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation.
HEART : Developing skills



Developing skills is at the heart of the Gacha Cultural Space project.


In Paris, the association offers thematic sessions, called « TRAMES » before which is performed a presentation of textile work from the collection of our partner Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation.

Each session is conceived around a new fabric, and animated by the Gacha Space cultural director, Danilo Lovisi (20 minutes of cultural presentation), and a volunteer of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation (45 minutes of yoga).




In 2018, on a international scale, in partnership and with the expertise of two solidarity organizations, our teams devote themselves to two long-term programs : volunteer training with AGIR Association and Herbal project with Antenna Foundation. 




Volunteer training with AGIR Association


Alongside the Gacha cultural Space, the AGIR abcd charity accompanies volunteer missions to the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation, putting us in touch with retired professionals wishing to share their professional experiences.


The Space is preparing in 2018 the intervention of two volunteers from AGIR. During these missions, the Foundation in Cameroon supervises, hosts and provides the necessary equipment for the implementation of the mission in order to allow the volunteers-and the target audience of the missions-to carry out their activities in the best conditions.



Projet Tisane avec la Fondation Antenna


In collaboration with the Antenna Scientific Foundation, the Gacha cultural Space sets up the project « Tisane ». The aim is to develop a quality product, highlighting the medicinal potential of plants grown in the botanical garden of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation.



Benjamin Campaore is the Head of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation laboratory in which the Tisane project is developed.


The Gacha cultural Space in France is the main actor and the place where these results are published. We value at the same time the inheritance of the local fauna and flora while giving the surrounding populations the possibility of being treated with a natural medicine while maintaining the traditions.



Working meeting during a visit of part of the Swiss Foundation Antenna team, on the Foundation’s website, in October 2018.

Hibiscus flower, one of the plants grown in the garden of the Foundation, in the hands of Benjamin Campaore.
HAND: encouraging know-how

We also offer « MANZEU« , a cycle of guided tours of art and history sites, following which are presented creations of Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation: tasting of herbal teas of the Foundation, introduction of beading… 


The tours are in French and it is Danilo Lovisi, guide and speaker of our cultural program, who is the interpreter of the places visited : museums, galeries, art fairs …






The Space is at the initiative of a series of exhibitions such as « legacies », which reveals the results of meetings between African know-how encouraged at the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation and contemporary artist.



View of the « legacies » exhibition, as part of the Off course of the Biennale of Contemporary Art in Dakar in 2018.



Editorial projects are also initiated by the association The Pearls, Colors of Africa Book is an example. Cameroon contains ancestral craftsmanship and aesthetic highlighted in the book by Ly Dumas « Perles Couleurs d’Afrique ».



This bilingual book whose profits from the sale are entirely donated to the association presents collections of breaded objects and personal creations of its author, Ly Dumas. This book highlight in a poetic and aesthetic way the pearl, its history, its symbolism and its central place in Africa.




ISBN : 978-2-35340-027-0, French format 27 x 29 cm , 180 pages, 114  illustrations, Hardcover, printed cover on  24/10th cardboard, printed on  170 g matte coated paper – Book placed under case, PVP 69 €.