Vacances Utiles 2023 – 8ème édition

04 July - 31 August 2023

The 8th edition of Vacances Utiles takes place from July 03 to August 25 at the Fondation Jean-Félicien Gacha. The Foundation has designed this program to enable around a hundred young people to benefit from educational and pedagogical activities during the summer (workshops in the Medumba, Fufuldé, French and English languages; cultural activities, poetry, plastic arts; play activities, sports...).

Various experts and mentors enable young people to showcase their talent and awaken vocations through themed courses. For example, Guillaume Yanga, visual artist in residence at the Fondation Jean Félicien Gacha, passes on techniques and know-how in drawing and plastic art


His classes have revealed the abilities of many children, like Abdou Souleymanou Yaya, a little boy in CE2 with a passion for drawing. He thrives on the artistic workshops offered throughout the summer. This year, his enrolment in Vacances Utiles was made possible thanks to a grant offered by a donor.

Each year, Espace Culturel Gacha takes charge of 10 registrations, enabling 10 young people to spend an educational and entertaining summer vacation at the Foundation.