Projet Dexeus x Fondation Jean-Félicien Gacha

13 February - 31 March 2023

Concerned about the health of communities, the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation coordinates care, medical intervention and infrastructure support. 

It recently partnered with the Spanish Dexeus Foundation and the Quiron Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona to organize an intervention by gynecologists in the Bangangté region of western Cameroon.

A Spanish team of 12 people, including an operating room nurse, an anatomopathologist, two anesthetists, a project coordinator and seven surgeons, left for Cameroon in mid-February to provide medical care to the population and to exchange with surgeons from the Bangwa Protestant Hospital. The teams planned 80 surgical interventions, with eight scheduled surgeries per day, over a period of ten days.

These surgeries are related to gynecological pathologies that affect women in Cameroonian communities. Indeed, the patients came from all over the country: Yaoundé center, Douala littoral, Maroua north, Dschang, Bafoussam west, Ebolowa south, Batouri east, …). For many women, this campaign is life-saving. It allows them to make a medical diagnosis of their pain and to have access to care and operations if necessary.

To support this project, the Espace Culturel Gacha had helped to the organization of a charity dinner, November 2022, in Madrid.