Accompagner la recherche – « Les patrimoines vagabonds / Wandering Heritage »

04 - 31 January 2024

Espace Culturel Gacha, represented by Danilo Lovisi, art historian and cultural director of our two institutions, presented a paper entitled "Les routes du ndop" as part of the colloquium "Les patrimoines vagabonds / Wandering Heritage" organized by the Maison de la Recherche de l'Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès, on November 23 and 24, 2023. The symposium focused on the mobile notion of heritage.

Danilo Lovisi’s talk focused on the idea of a cultural route for ndop, guided by the premise that the key to revitalizing this craft network is still to be fine-tuned.

A visible and invisible route, physical and virtual, capable of connecting regions, traditional authorities and craftsmen and women, in order to enhance, safeguard and pass on the handicrafts associated with this royal fabric.

« Long associated with the place or enclosed space of a territory that contains and emblematizes it, heritage has never ceased to be mobile. It is that which crosses time, that which passes from generation to generation, is transformed from generation to generation. It is also the shadow of every traveler, accompanying him through the territories he travels through, distinguishing him from what surrounds him.

But heritage is now mobile in a completely different sense. It is no longer simply a collection of objects, monuments, knowledge and social practices stabilized over time. It now incorporates the plurality of relationships and affects that this object, monument, knowledge or social practice mobilizes for a diversity of individuals. It lodges itself in the ways of doing, thinking or saying the element of attachment, and thus introduces an extreme diversity of ways of being heritage. »