Assemblée Générale 2021 – Fondation et Espace Gacha, au Cameroun

01 April - 31 May 2021

Back to the General Assembly of our NGO in Cameroon which took place at the beginning of March and which allowed the members of the Espace Culturel Gacha in Paris and those of the Foundation in Cameroon to meet to review the achievements of the year and to prepare the months to come.

This year, for sanitary reasons, the general assembly took place over 3 days. A longer format, but with a smaller audience than usual, which emphasized the knowledge of the activities and the cohesion of the Foundation and the Espace Culturel Gacha. The teams from Cameroon and France worked on the founding values and shared the meaning of future projects.


The speeches were translated into two local languages, Fufuldé and Medumba, to show the link that the Foundation nurtures with its audiences in Bangoulap and in the region. The participants of the General Assembly also watched a series of films on the genesis of the Foundation, giving voice to those in the teams who have made the history of the NGO since its origins (available on Youtube, Instagram and our website). A never-before-seen interview with the founders, Ly and Frédéric Dumas, opened the screening.


The foundation’s auditorium


The teams had the opportunity to (re)visit their Foundation thanks to the fact that each workshop manager prepared a dedicated visit and an explanation of their work and its challenges. 


Photo 1: visit of the cabinet making workshop led by Ebenezer Ngano. Photo 2: visit of the Mousgoun huts, on the site of the foundation, commented by the cultural mediator Francis Bitti Essam. Photo 3: visit of the laboratory and botanical garden of Benjamin Campaore, followed by a tasting of homemade herbal teas.


The GA also allowed to come back on the needs of the Foundation and the Espace Gacha. The cooperation between the two structures was put to work in order to strengthen the links and gain in efficiency on the projects carried out together. The emphasis was put on the professional constraints that the young people could encounter in order to reflect on the means to better develop and supervise the trainings given on our site and to overcome the difficulties.


Presentation of the missions of the Gacha Cultural Space by Danilo