L’Espace proche de chez vous

26 May - 30 June 2021

The products available on the Espace Culturel Gacha online shop are also displayed and sold in other places, in France and beyond! Just like Fabiola Sica who sells our products in her beautiful Epicerie des Arts in Quimperlé.

The collaboration between the Espace Culturel Gacha and the Epicerie des Arts is special in that it is part of a long history between Fabiola Sica and Cameroon. Fabiola was director of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation in 2016. Recently, relying on her energy, we joined her initiative for a Crowdfunding campaign for children attending the Foundation’s schools in Cameroon.


Fabiola Sica in her grocery shop in Quimperlé, Brittany 


Although she recently decided to move to Brittany with her family, she wanted to continue to represent the products made by our beading workshop in Cameroon, and to be an ambassador for the Foundation.


Quality workmanship 

« Our customers are initially surprised by the fact that the beads are not glued, but sewn. I insist a lot on this detail, because it makes the difference between a high quality handcrafted work and the countless similar products that can be found on the market. They find the pieces very beautiful, refined and original.« 


Fabiola Sica’s shop in Quimperlé displaying our products made in Cameroon 


And committed

« The products are not just beautiful « things », but the result of the work of those who are trained in the Foundation’s workshops and their trainers. Through the creation of something physical, an object, we train women and men who learn a trade and who can integrate in a dignified way into the workplace and civil society. »


You too can join the list of our distributors in order to support new socio-cultural projects and allow the diffusion of traditional Cameroonian know-how: do not hesitate to contact us!