Cycle MàNZEU 2020 : les visites guidées de l’Espace culturel Gacha

06 February - 14 May 2020

Guided tours at museums, galleries, arts fairs ... discovering the unique products of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation

Your Gacha Space presents its guided tours of art and history places, following which we invite you to discover the creations of the Jean-Félicien Gacha foundation: tasting of herbal teas from the Foundation, introduction to beading …


The tours are in French and it is Danilo Lovisi, guide and speaker of our cultural program, who is the interpreter of the places visited : museums, galleries , art fairs.







The route, the great path, in medumba, traditionnel language of western Cameroon. Thus is named our cycle of guided visits : a sensitive path within Parisian museums; another perspective to approach the paths proposed by other cultures. 


Which bridges, which paths to create – and cross – when one discovers another culture ?


Our goal is to offer the public cultural experiences focused on sharing knowledge from non-European cultures, particularly African ones. An alternative and complementary perspective.


These visitor experiences come to give fair value to these works of art, textiles and text designed elsewhere, facing a historical vision for a long time limited and simplistic. Weaving links with contemporaneity and Western cultures, another perspective of African art will be unveiled.



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The cultural mediator :

Danilo Lovisi is a graduate of the Ecole du Louvre in art history and cultural mediation. Originally from the Brazilian mountains, it is far from the sea and touched by the lines of the surrounding mountains that its link with art was born. Based in Paris, he is a cultural mediator, curator and artiste, and offers the public experiences of visit under the sign of poetry and sharing of knowledge. Since 2018 has been responsible for the cultural programming of Gacha Cultural Space.