L’Espace Gacha soutient : un atelier de formation au cinéma documentaire

23 September - 17 November 2018

Gacha Cultural Space, alongside its partner the Jean-Félicien Gacha foundation is welcoming in their place, a training in documentary cinema that highlights Cameroonian cinematography in all its authencity.

The project in documentary cinema training ‘Patrimoine et Histoire Coloniale’ is one of the projects supported in 2018 by Gacha Cultural Space thanks to the donations of its members.This project wich highlights Cameroonian cinematography that is currently taking place at the Jean-Félicien Gacha foundation from September to November 2018. Gacha Cultural Space is joining his force with the Goethe Institute of Cameroon, the International Organization of Francophonie, Raphia Films and of course Jean-Félicien Gacha foundation.


One of the aims is the training of young Cameroonians at documentary cinema in order for them to mobilize these skills for the preservation of their heritage and more widely in the context of audiovisuals projects on human ans societal issues that concern them.


Jean-Félicien Gacha partner is welcoming a documentary film training workshop conducted under the coordination of the director Jean-Marie Teno.




Course and projects of trainees:


Darice Malabon (left ) et Josiane Nguimfack Zeufack (right)


MALABON Darice, historian in doctoral studies at Dschang University

Her film focuses on the issue of development in Africa in view of the difficulties of handling the few tools of industrial production after colonization through the case of the old quinine extraction factory of Dschang.



NGUIMFACK ZEUFACK Josiane has a Master degree in Theatre Production from the University of Yaounde 1

Her film is about the role of blacksmith during the colonial wars. Being part of a linage of blacksmiths, she witnessed the evolution of their production from weapons of war to weapons against poverty and to elements of seduction today.



Steve Fotso (left ) et Sylvie Njobati Vernyuy (right)


Steve Fotso, is an editor who works in audiovisual since few years

His project ‘Restes d’une frontières’ is interested in an original form of conflicts resolution that took place between Bandjoun an Bayam to stop a stalemate that became a war that no one could win.



Njobati Sylvie Vernyuy is a journalist

Her film project is based on the trending return of looted properties during the colonial times. Belonging to the Nso people where she originates, Ngonso is one of the sculptures looted by Germans. Her film therefore seeks to examine the twists of the return of this sculpture.



Sylvain Kwamen (left) et Christelle Magne Tamo (right)

Kwamen Sylvain came out of the Fine Arts School of Foumbam with formation in audiovisual production

His project is on the way that Africans make appropriation of coffee seed during colonial era.



Chrystelle Magne Tamo is a cinematographer who has been working on documentaries and fiction films for a few years. She holds a Master 1 degree from the University of Yaoundé.

Her film is based on the fear that surrounds everything related to the Palace. This fear prevented them from acknowledging the reality of the metamorphosis happening in her father’s life after he performed in a film taking place in the palace 30 years ago.