Littérature jeunesse : parution d’ « Adi de Boutanga »

24 April - 15 July 2019

Since April 24 th 2019 in the "youth" bookshelves, it is possible to find "ADI DE BOUTANGA ", the story of the young Adidjatou who grew up at the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation and whom author and friend Alain Serge Dzotap has wonderfully put into words.

Book available and on sale on request at the Espace culturel Gacha (



Extract from the presentation of the book by Albin Michel Editions:


« Adidjatou or Adi, little girl Bororo (name of these nomadic herders in Cameroon), tell us her story. She is forced to have several jobs in her family; She can go to school and discover herself through words,  language and images. Adi loves her gift of school, offered at her village by Madame Ly until the day when Uncle Amadou decides that she should be married. Adi’s father does not agree and will allow her to succumb this fate… »





Adi de Boutanga

By Alain Serge Dzotap (texts) et Marc Daniau (drawings)


Editions Albin Michel

Cardboard album
18.00 €

April 24, 2019
248mm x 347mm
32 pages
EAN13 : 9782226440761